Garden Ironwork Barn at Burrow Farm Gardens

At Burrow Farm Gardens we sell a fantastic range of locally made Garden Ironwork.  From Plant Supports to Garden Sculptures we have a huge range that's growing all the time.

If you have a particularly large order or want to check on stock levels then please feel free to drop us an email before visiting.  Similarly, although we are shut from the 31st October to 1st April if you want any ironwork during that time just send us an email and we will be more than happy to arrange a time for you to drop by.


Unfortunately we aren't able to offer delivery for our garden ironwork but it is all available to view and purchase from the gardens.

All of our iron work is sold untreated so will rust in time.  We sell it like this beacuse its the way we like it best, as the rusty colour looks great in the garden but if you do want to treat it at home they can be painted or sprayed with a clear lacquer if you want to keep them looking like they do now.

Scroll down to see some of the beautiful lines or Garden Ironwork we sell - just click on the images to view them full screen.

Round Plant Supports

Round Plant Support

We use loads of these in the garden, best put on early before a plant starts to flop they add a wonderful structure to borders. All made to last from 8mm round metal.

Available in 4 sizes:
30cm x 50cm tall - £20.00
40cm x 75cm tall - £23.50
50cm x 90cm tall - £26.00
60cm x 1m tall - £29.00

Curved Supports

Curved Plant Supports

A must have for all gardens! These lightly curved supports are made from one piece of metal so theres no joints to break.  The 8mm round bar ensures they will last for ages and there no sharp edges to damage the plants its supporting.

Available in 3 sizes all made from 8mm round metal

40cm x 50cm tall - £6.50
50cm x 75cm tall - £7.00
60cm x 90cm tall - £7.50

Lobster Pots

These Supports are great for things like roses and herbaceous clematis to climb through but in truth can support any plant or offer a bit of protection to more delicate plants.

Available in 40cm and 50cm diameters

40cm x 58cm - £40.00
40cm x 70cm - £45.00
50cm x 60cm - £45.00
50cm x 75cm - £50.00
50cm x 90cm - £55.00

Rose Cages

Made from 10mm and 8mm steel these rose cages are built to last. Beautifully crafted with the same ornate finish to the top as the Lobster Pots. They look great on their own but even better with a climber scrambling up them.

Available in 4 sizes:
50cm x 145cm - £115
50cm x 175cm - £125
50cm x 205cm - £135
50cm x 235cm - £145 (not kept in stock but can be ordered in)

Narrow Rose Cages

Just the same as the larger Rose Cages but just a bit smaller.  These 40cm diameter Rose Cages are made from 8mm steel and are perfect for smaller gardens or just smaller spaces.  We have one of these by the entrance to the garden with a beautiful Clematis growing up it.

40cm x 120cm £85.00
40cm x 150cm £95.00
40cm x 180cm £105.00

Round Obelisks

Again these fantastic obelisks are available in 4 sizes and are made from 8mm metal. This time finished with a classic but ornate finial.

Available in 4 sizes:
30cm x 130cm - £85
40cm x 160cm - £95
50cm x 190cm - £105
60cm x 220cm - £115 (not kept in stock but can be ordered in)

Border Hurdles

Border Hurdle Plant Support Fence

Beautifully handmade, these hurdles measure 60cm x 75cm (6mm round steel) and are a lovely feature in the garden. From holding plants back to stop them flopping on the lawn to stopping the dog from always cutting the corner they are so useful!

£30 each or 3 for £80

Square Obelisks

Square Obelsiks

Available in 3 sizes all made from 8mm round metal
30cm x 125cm tall - £85
40cm x 155cm tall - £95
50cm x 185cm tall - £105

Single Stem Supports

These loop supports are perfect for supporting single stems, using a simple yet effective design, these durable plant supports are made with solid 8mm steel bar to create a strong support for single stem plants

Available in two sizes:

Small - 90cm tall - £7.50 each or 3 for £20.00

Large - 1.2m tall - £8.00 or 3 for £22.00

Boxing Hares

Boxing Hares Garden Sculpture Ornament

These boxing hares come with a spike to secure them in the ground. They look great in a border or in the lawn and because the Hares are cut from 3mm thick steel they are very sturdy and as always made to last!

Approximately 47cm tall.

£25 each or both for £45

Goose and Duck

Duck and Goose Garden Ornmanent

Also cut from 3mm thick steel and attached to the ground by a sturdy plate and spike this duck and goose pair can be purchased as a pair or individually.

Duck 30cm x 30cm - £25

Goose 45cm x 45cm - £40

Insects and Birds

Available in 2 sizes with 60cm or 85cm sticks with bee, butterfly (two designs) and dragonfly tops which measure roughly 20cm across.

There is also a beautiful robin on a 60cm stick.

£12 each or 3 for £30, making them a great present for any wildlife lover

Cockrell and Hen

This Hen and Cockrell pair come with a spike and plate on the bottom and are made from 3mm thick steel.

Hens body 30cm x 30cm

Cockrell body 40cm x 35cm

£25 each or the pair for £45


Two spikes with cross bars hold this 3mm thick fox in place, he's approximately 80cm long by 45cm high excluding spikes.



These beautiful little birds just sit on a small plate and look great dotted around the garden or sitting on top of a wall.  They measure approximately 15cm x 15cm and are just £12 each.

Cow Parsley Sculptures

Beautiful handmade cow parsley garden art. Will go a lovely rusty colour if untreated or can be kept shiny if you treat with a clear lacquer.  Featured in the Grasses Garden.

Available in 3 sizes:
1.4m high 3 flowers - £90
1.8m high 3 flowers - £95
1.8m high 5 flowers - £120

Large Poppies

These Poppy Seed heads feature prominently in our Grasses Garden, standing tall amongst the grasses and late summer perentials.

Standing 1.2 or 1.5m tall with a 4cm head they can be pushed into the ground at different heights to get the best effect.

£15 each

Short Poppies

Ideal ornament for pots on in the border. Best used as a 3 or 5 they are 60cm tall and are £8 each or 5 for £35

To check stock levels or make an appointment to view our Garden Ironwork when we are closed in the winter please drop us an email by clicking below